Thursday, January 26, 2012

DIY: Metallic Three Panel Art

I saw this DIY project in Young and Crafty and thought I should share it with you guys!

It seems to be easy to make and the outcome is really rewarding!

But the coolest thing about it that the whole project costs only $60!

Well, I think I could easily use it in my living room, it would match perfectly!


This is the picture where this creative lady draw her inspiration.


What you'll need is only this:


1. Metallic paint (3 shades plus some black)

2. Three canvases

3. Plaster of some kind

Now, the steps:

a. Spread out the plaster in circular way (as you see it in the image above)

b. Allow the plaster to dry

c. Time to paint. Start with the lighter color from the very center of the painting.

d. As you work outwards start blending the colors until you use

the darker one at the end of it.

e. Make sure to paint in between the canvases and all the edges.

(for the full tutorial with pictures please click here)

And there you have it!


So what do you think? Cheap and great art for your room created by your own hands!

LOVE it!

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