Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Great Stuff from Great Bloggers

I have great stuff to show you today! Great stuff from great Greek bloggers that

recently awarded me with the following awards. I'm very proud to present them to you,

they're inspirational, they're crafty, they're unique, they're all worth visiting!  
Check them out:

The first one is from Art Nouveau:
Great blog which I love, posting inspirational pics every day and it's also 
included in my every day's addiction!
Art Nouveau is giving away for the month of February only, this amazing bed for 580Euro!
So hurry up and get it, it is amazing!

This one I received both from Faidra and from Thomi's world

Faidra is an amazing crafty girl, and I mostly loved the musical instrument
she created out of a simple drawer! Can you believe it? It is called "santouri"
and here it is:
or this one that could serve as a tray:

And take a look at what Thomi from Thomi's world did:

A diaper's cake! Isn't it awesome? She wrapped some diapers nicely, added little
blankets, some baby socks, toys and she created another
kind of cake which makes the perfect gift for a newborn baby, 
don't you agree? I love it!

So, thank you very much ladies for honoring me with these awards! In my turn I'll pass these awards to all
of my lovely readers that are dropping by Stardust today! 

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