Thursday, April 19, 2012

Crafts And More (by Kim at RePOSHture)

Boy Howdee! No I am not from the Midwest, I just like saying that. It sounds so fun. Hi I'm Kim from Reposhture! I consider myself a baby blogger as my blog is only a few months old but she is starting to roll over, with the help of people like Olga!  When she first asked me to guest post, I was really hoping it meant I would fly to Greece and post from her computer but she said no. Bummer. I am a guest posting virgin so I hope this goes well otherwise I may have to start stalking Olga =0)  

All kidding aside, I want to thank Olga so much for asking me to guest post on her amazing blog. I was

up all night thinking of things I wanted to write and make her glad she asked me since she has set a very

high bar, indeed.

So what do you want to know about me? I sometimes act blonder than I pay to be, I love to make

fun of myself because you can't take yourself too seriously, I love God, parentheses and exclamation

points, (no really! I do!). Initial art and run-on sentences and I sell painted furniture on the side, when

I am not being a full-time mom and wife, part-time audiologist, and part-time craft blogger.

That makes me like three kinds of tired.

I have made things my whole life and hardly ever use things the way they were meant to be used.

That would be boring and expensive and in my own  mind, I am amazingly fun, but really cheap.

One of my goals with my blog is to help people to look at things in a different light or use things in a

different way and inspire them to rethink the ordinary into the extraordinary. Often times my changes are

little but they make a big difference, sometimes it is a truly Ah Ha! moment and I have to do my happy

dance. I have seen some of your creations and I know you all are doing some pretty exciting happy

dances as well!!

Anyhoo, here are some of my most fun projects to date:

The materials: masking tape and floral wire

The result: Sunburst Mirror which is a knock-off of a Z Gallerie Phoenix mirror

The tutorial is on the blog in easy step-by step pics. This only took 3 hours!

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