Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Update of a Dresser

First of all, I have an announcement to make... just found out that Stardust is now in the blogroll

of Desire to Inspire, a very successful blog and one of my every day addictions! 

I'm so thrilled and excited! Thanks Kim and Jo for including me!

Now... remember when I was telling you that I was working on some projects lately?

Well, the first one was the kitchen chairs makeover that I posted here, the second one is what I'll show 

you today and the third is going to be published shortly since it's been the most difficult one! 

So, today I''ll talk to you about the second project, my son's dresser makeover. Since he and his 

father are both fond of the football team "Olympiacos" (football is very popular in Greece and men 

can get fanatic about it),  he specifically asked that he wanted his room to look like the colors of 

his favorite team! (and he's only 4 years old...lol!)

Anyway, here's the flag of Olympiacos to get an idea of my plan:

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