Thursday, May 24, 2012

Crochet Transformations (by Barbara)

Guten Morgen Ihr Lieben!

My name is Barbara and - maybe you've already guessed it - I'm from Germany. I'm so happy (and a little bit excited) to be your guest entertainer today. Thank you Olga for inviting me to write this guest post for

S t a r d u s t,  it's a pleasure to be here!

My blog is made in k-town, and it's all about crochet: blankets, cushions, potholders... the usual stuff and a little bit more - I'd love to meet you there one day (even if you're not a passionate "hooker" like me *gg*).

Recently I've participated in the 3rd Annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week and in this context I introduced my readers to "Frostarella", my latest creation:

Now Olga thought her readers (hey, that's you! *gg*) might be interested in this project as well, after all it matches some of the most frequent tags in Olga's left side bar: DIY, makeover and transformation. Oh, wait -  I can even score another point for IKEA, jippie!!

You can buy lots of brilliant stuff at IKEA, scented candles and candlesticks, glasses, vases and flower pots (you know - the usual suspects in your shopping cart). Some weeks ago, I also bought a birch stool by the name of Frosta and turned her into Frostarella.

I started with the cover for the seat and worked kind of "freestyle", without a pattern, just playing around with stitches and colors. After that, I couldn't stop myself and made covers for the legs as well, and embellished them with buttons.

I'm happy with the end result, and you know what? Frostarella is happy, too! For her version of this story, please hop over to my blog and read Frostarella's Tale.

See? Crochet doesn't have to be the good old fashioned potholder and doily, you can make cool and stylish stuff as well. Have you ever tried to crochet around a stone? They make a great decoration for your window sill and are perfect as a little personal gift:

Maybe we can have a little chat about crochet covered stones some other time, I'd love to come back here again and tell you more - that is, if Olga wants to have me here again :)

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