Thursday, May 3, 2012

DIY: Loft Bed (by Joanne)

Hi I’m Joanne from Create Inspire Motivate, a 3½-month-old blog,
published by the girls in our family sharing our inspirations, projects,
successes...and even some failures.

We are three sisters Mandi, Michelle & Nicole, one sister in law Jackie and the mom (that’s me). Each of us has different interests and talents but we’re all very resourceful and we love to create.

asked me to share with you a little about the redo my husband and I have done
on my son, C’s, bedroom. This is the second post in what will eventually be a
4-5 part series. Almost every aspect of the room is a DIY project in one form
or another and some areas are still “under construction”.

reading couch was our first pallet furniture project but hopefully it won’t be
our last. While it’s only in inspiration form now, I predict that in the future
there will be a post about the building of an overstuffed pallet ottoman with
storage space for my family room- we’ll see.

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