Monday, June 18, 2012

Our Gallery Wall! (or should I say Cabinet?)

Well I I've got to tell you something here. I've got to admit that lately I've been secretly green of envy of 

all those great gallery walls created from other bloggers. And I was longing for one in our own home. 

But where? Which would be the best spot and what to put inside the frames? Something that wouldn't 

cost a lot, that's for sure! These were some of the questions running through my brain the past few days (however there were much more bigger issues in there I assure you!). When suddenly it hit me! I would make a Gallery Wall on the side of our pantry! You see, when someone is sitting on the love seat 

in the living room, this is what you see when you take a peek into the kitchen:

This big dark brown wooden pantry. And it isn't much of interest, don't you think?

So I thought to myself let's make more vibrant, let's give it some color!

So you wanna see the outcome? Well I bet you do, you nosy creatures. :-)

OK here it is! Ta-Daaaaaaa.....

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