Sunday, December 29, 2013

This year’s last blogpost

Hello my friends,
I do hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas and that you enjoy the holiday season!
This is my last blogpost of 2013 !
I hope you enjoyed my 2013 blogposts and hope to bring you more interesting and inspirational posts next year!
I leave you this year with images that show a typical Belgian design style.

7Joris Van Apers – Image souce Pinterest

3Le Chalet Zannier

2Joris Van Apers – Image source Pinterest

1Le Chalet Zannier


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Crazy Holiday Rush

Found time to buy all of your Christmas gifts yet ?! I didn’t ! Every year I notice that hustle and bustle crazy busy time before Christmas Holidays.
The previous days I had several clients’ meetings and had to finish design projects. Yes, I was so very busy that I hardly had time to blog or to do my Christmas shopping! So, time to slow down and to enjoy this Holiday Season!

Today I wanted to share a sneak peek into a client’s home. The Lefèvre Interiors’ team designed all doors and paneling, manufactured in the workshop of LEFEVRE INTERIORS.
1Lefèvre Interiors   Picture by me

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Timeless Simplicity...

One of my favorite trips was to Charleston SC, I loved the timeless architecture.   This home is the perfect example that some aspects of design have been around for hundreds of years! 

all images via

Hoping you're enjoying your Holiday Season!

Christmas Decor Ideas

Great Christmas inspiration for your home, found here. Try to copy and paste some of these

decoration ideas. For more images and ideas visit link.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

A "Must See" Before & After!

Living Room Before:

2013 04 26 18.18.16 600x448 The Power of Paint   Amazing Wood Paneling Makeover

The Decorologist is one of the blogs that I never miss a post. Kristie Barnnett has always a good

advise to give and she's always been helpful, but my favorite part is when she shows

off pics of her projects, the transformations are remarkable! Scroll down to check out

this painted wood paneling makeover and be amazed!

My home Christmas decoration so far

9On both sides of the frontdoor, we placed a tree without ornaments. I do love the natural look of the Christmas trees.

2On a table in our garden : a lantern, antlers, some pine tree branches and pine cones.

3A pine branch on the wall of the orangery.

1White candles, pine branches and cones in the fire place of the dining room.

5This year we installed the Christmas tree in our dining room. Christmas lights are the only decoration.

8Very simple and very cozy, this decoration in the kitchen.

7A bunch of mistletoe next to the cupper pans.

4A touch of Christmas decoration on a table at the entry.

10Candles, pine branches and cones on the mantle in our living room.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Things that Caught my Eye

...this bold wallpaper covering one side of a wall including the door

Friday, December 6, 2013

My favorite Christmas decorating ideas

Only 3 weeks to go until Christmas and I still have to think about decorating our home for Christmas! Fortunately there is the internet. Browsing the web, I found some really beautiful Christmas vignettes and decorating ideas.
Some of my favorites this year.
Enjoy !

Inside the home…
7Image source here

20Image source here

6Image source here

29Image source unknown




25Image source unknown


34Image source here

54Image source here

24Image source here

36Image source here

55Image source here

22Image source here

37Image source unknown

19Image source here

15Image source here

14Image source here

23Image source here

38Image source here

39Image source here

30Image source here

Christmas table setting ideas…
3Image source here

4Image source here

12Image source unknown

40Image source here

32Image source here

2Image source unknown

33Image sourc here

Christmas wrapping ideas…
52Image source here

1Image source here

21Image source here

56Image source here

My favorite Christmas tree this year ? The one without ornaments…