Thursday, January 3, 2013

My first inspiring images of this new year

Hello dear readers! Happy New Year to you all ! I do hope you enjoyed your holidays !
May this new year bring you the best life has to offer!
Since yesterday we started working again, so everything is back to normal!

In my first post of this new year, I bring you some interior design images I came across lately, in which something caught my eye, something that inspired me…

In this first image, I love the contrast between the stained paneling and the white seats. And I do love that chandelier and the hurricane lamps on the coffeetable.1Source unknown

This antique French paneling stole my heart! And I am wondering if the mirror on the right is hiding a secret door?Source here

The color scheme of the old painting is repeated in the chosen fabric colors of this living room. Gorgeous, isn’t it?!13Source here

One of my favorites! This interior radiates a mysterious atmosphere! Notice the French bergère in the foreground!12Source here

Paneling, mirror, painting, armchairs, tables… the perfect combination!15Source here

English paneling! So beautful!14Source here

Wouldn’t you love to see your attic decorated this way?!! Look at that paneling with integrated door! I have always loved Windsor chairs as the ones here around the table.17Source here

A typical Belgian styled farmhouse living room, with oak paneling and linen slipcovered seats!16Source here

An English Queen Anne chest of drawers and paintings of horses above! 5Source here

What a superb detail of this beautiful upholstered armchair!8

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