Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Ideas to change or to upgrade your room

Hello my friends, how are you today? And how is the weather like in your country? Here in Belgium it is raining at this very moment! Summer seems to forget our small country this year! I really need some sunshine…Let’s hope summer will come along in the month of June!

Today some great ideas to change or to upgrade your rooms.
What do you think about placing a small window to peep into that other room?
7Source here

Add console brackets onto the ceiling beams.
2Source unknown

My friend Leslie, owner of the Houston based company Segreto Finshes, painted a client's favorite wine label in a barrel ceiling in a wine room. Isn’t this a splendid idea?
To see more of the exquisite Segreto Finishes projects, visit their website HERE. You all should start to follow Leslie’s beautiful and inspirational blog HERE. Leslie is posting a lot of her projects in progress!  So interesting to see the ‘before and after’ pictures.
1Segreto Finishes    Source FB page Segreto Finishes

Try to bring in the fire place under the staircase of your entry hall. So inviting!
5John Saladino   Source here

Do you need more storage? Don’t worry! Make a drawer of every step!
12Source here

Go for a a cube patterned floor. This will give your room a completely different dimension.
6Lapicida    Source Homes & Gardens – May 2013

Decorate a niche with a drawing.
13Source here

Closet hooks that are functional and decorative at the same time.
10Source unknown

Make your bathroom accessories and products invisible !
8Antonio Lupi   Source here

Choose some original hardware for your kitchen cabinetry.
3Source unknown

Are you a dog lover ? Well then, look at these great ideas to enter the pet bowls into your kitchen !
Notice the bone shaped front opening on the drawers !!!
11Source here

Great idea for the biggest of your darling ones!

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