Friday, July 12, 2013

Montage of a paneled room

Only one more week to go before the start of our annual holidays!
The employees of our company Lefèvre Interiors are finishing current projects.
This week they had to install a paneled living room in a city apartment.
After the renovation of the building that took almost a year, this week the apartment was finally ready to start the interior design work.

The first image here is of an oak paneled room, that inspired me to design the cabinetry and paneling of this apartment’s living room.
Inspiring image 1Inspiring image of an oak paneled room.

This is the plan with all 4 views of the living room.
Lefèvre Interiors plan. All views of the paneled room.

This picture I took a few weeks ago in our workshop. Oak cabinetry and paneling in progress.
Workshop 1Lefèvre Interiors workshop. Montage of the cabinetry and paneling.

Although the room isn’t finished yet, I wanted to show you before pictures and a few pictures of this week’s installation of the paneling.
Before 001Before
After 001This week
Notice the difference of the cornice moulding before and after the renovation!
Before 005Before
After 005After

Before 002During renovation
After 002This week

Before 003During renovation
After 003This week

Before 004Start of the renovation
After 004This week’s installation

Our clients, now have to decide about the finish of the wood, hardware, lighting fixtures, window treatment,… which will all be finished after the holiday period.
To be continued…

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