Thursday, January 9, 2014

Introducing Belgian designer Natascha Persoone

We had a long and interesting conversation about architecture, interior design and craftsmanship which is the backbone of our Belgian design.
I was impressed by Natascha’s sense of style and her approach to interior design.
6Image source website Natascha Persoone
For more than two decades Natascha Persoone is active as an interior designer.
Her work includes many private residences, commercial offices and medical practices.
Without doubt, Natascha gained a lot of experience and is always looking for new challenges. Running her projects, she is determined to collaborate with professionals and she loves to be surrounded by the best Belgian craftsmen.
15In this living room the designer used beautiful fabrics including Belgian linen for the stores and the sofa upholstery.    Image source website Natascha Persoone
3French oak library    Image source website Natascha Persoone
Creating high-end interior design, requires expertise and know-how and are of paramount importance to the interior designer. Selecting the best skilled joiners, cabinet-makers, painters, window treatment manufacturers,…  means choosing for quality without a single concession.
19Handmade oak table    Image source website Natascha Persoone
22I love the beige-brown-gold color scheme Natascha has chosen for this living room.Image source website Natascha Persoone
Natascha aimes to design new houses or redesign existing residences in a timeless way, respecting proportions, materials and light, depending on everyone's possibilities.
5Image source website Natascha Persoone
20Image source website Natascha Persoone
Ancient art or a valuable object can be the starting point, evolving into the theme of the entire design of a space or a home.
‘In this way you create a personalized interior, fully tailored to the customer's wishes. A good design is independent of trends and budgets. Whether it's a traditional, classic, country, eclectic or modern styled design.’ , explains Natascha on her website.
21Art as the starting point of the design of a space    Image source website Natascha Persoone
8Moroccan style sitting room    Image source website Natascha Persoone
1Kitchen in a contemporary designed apartment    Image source website Natascha Persoone
A Belgian styled kitchen
Natascha Persoone creates personalized interiors, where the passion for her work is visible.
All pictures of website Natascha Persoone and posted with permission of Natascha Persoone

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