Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Anton Damen outdoor furniture

As Spring has arrived, we are preparing our garden for summer and are scrubbing all outdoor terraces.
Outdoor furniture needs to be cleaned !
Today I would love to introduce you to the beautiful outdoor furniture of Anton Damen, a company based in the Netherlands.
Anton Damen stands for a complete program of country, classic outdoor furniture.
The Anton Damen collection is manufactured entirely in the Netherlands. The furniture is made in exactly the same traditional way for years. They are made of sustainable natural materials of high quality.
The furniture pieces have a steel frame and a hardwood seat, whether or not lacquered.

A few years ago, when we went to visit the castle of Axel Vervoordt, I was totally smitten by the chairs we discovered at several places in the garden of the castle.
The next 4 pictures are taken at the castle of ‘s Gravenwezel of Axel vervoordt.
15Garden of the castle of ‘s Gravenwezel  Axel Vervoordt
17Garden of the castle of ‘s Gravenwezel  Axel Vervoordt
16Garden of the castle of ‘s Gravenwezel  Axel Vervoordt
18Garden of the castle of ‘s Gravenwezel  Axel Vervoordt

I definitely wanted to find similar chairs to place around our terrace table. By googling I stumbled upon the website of the Netherlands-based furniture company Anton Damen.
I contacted the owner, Jan de Koning, who was so kind to take the time to visit me and to provide me with all required information about his outdoor furniture collection. I was so happy to have finally found the chairs I wanted to see around our table.
Since 2 years the Anton Damen chairs embellish our terrace.
10Our terrace with the Anton Damen chairs around the table.
14We have chosen for the high-back ‘Moerlandth’ armchair.

1This is a picture of our garden chairs seen in the Anton Damen catalogue.  Image source website Anton Damen

12I love the combination of the Moerlandth chairs with our table that has a Belgian bluestone top and an antique Italian hand-forged base.
Anton Damen even offers a range of garden tables with a blue stone top. To see the table collection, click here.

The furniture is available in different lacquer colors.
5Image source website Anton Damen

6Image source website Anton Damen

4Image source website Anton Damen

7Image source website Anton Damen

Anton Damen offers a complete program of exclusive custom made cushions, perfect fitting for each chair.
29 Image source website Anton Damen

22Unlaquered hardwood    Image source website Anton Damen

24Garden benches and sun loungers   Image source website Anton Damen

Wishing you all a nice rest of the week!

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