Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Great Outdoors...


What is not to love here?

This week found images of interior design I love.





Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Modern Rustic...

I love design based on purity and function.  
I have always struggled with concepts that are trend-driven and over-designed... it's wasteful in my opinion.  Trends are always changing.  
What ever happened to real-life, purity and function?!
This home located in London is the perfect example of a beautiful, simple -- paired-down design that reminds me of the Scandinavian countryside.

This is what I call paired-back perfection!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Lefèvre Interiors in Berlin

More than a year ago I was contacted by readers of my blog who asked me if I could help them designing a bookcase and if our company would be interested in installing the cabinet in their home nearby Berlin, Germany.
I didn’t hesitate for one moment and started sketching after receiving some pictures of the existing situation of their living room.

The intention was to build a library cabinet on either side of the window.
As I noticed that the window was not centered on the wall, we suggested our client to replace the existing window by a new designed window and to have it centered in order to obtain a symmetrical cabinet arrangement. A profound change on the exterior of their home, but still attainable!
My first sketch of the new window and cabinet.
The cabinets are connected by a cornice extending the entire wall. The panelled sides of both cabinets and the created ceiling form a niche towards the window.

The beamed ceiling was painted in a shade of white and the walls were given a new color.The dining table, and a new chandelier found by a local antiques dealer, are now placed at the center of the room.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend!

I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!
I'm looking forward to remembering those who have gone before us with dignity and strength.

Here are a few inspiring Spring images:

Thursday, May 22, 2014

The sophisticated interiors of M. Elle Design

is a design team, based in Santa Monica,California.
The team is comprised of Mary Lynn Turner and her daughters Marie Turner Carson and Emily Turner.
As a company, they are dedicated to creating sophisticated spaces that are authentic, yet reflective of their clients’ personal style and identity.
M. Elle Design creates edited designs that embrace the mood and soul of the interiors.
The pictures of a mountain home, designed by M. Elle Design, and featured in 
Two years later, the M. Elle Design team made it to the Elle Decor cover again!!
The picture of this European influenced room of a Mediterranean styled California seaside retreat, slapped me in the face by the first look at the cover of the Elle Decor July 2013 issue.
I have to admit that I can’t throw away this magazine, so it is still flinging around somewhere in my home.

The European, and even Belgian design influence, seen here, could perhaps be explained by the fact that one of the designers, Marie Turner Carson, studied and lived in London for a few years. She received her Master’s degree in Fine and Decorative Arts from Christie’s Education. She stayed in Europe for some years to work on design projects in several European countries.

Wing chair upholstered in Belgian linen, which is maybe found
French white oak flooring.

Lime stone floor for the dining room.
The walls throughout the house are hand-troweled plaster, which is more than often to see in a lot of Belgian houses. is one of the Belgian companies specialized in plaster and lime wash techniques.
Custom made table which reminds me of the tables of the Belgian company 

The look of this hall reminds me of several entry halls of Belgian houses seen in the

The master bedroom is to die for !!
Again the beamed ceiling with the plastered walls. Great attention to detail here.

Finally 3 images of other homes designed by M. Elle Design.


Monday, May 19, 2014

A Barn Conversion

One of the reasons I do love browsing Pinterest, is to get the opportunity to learn to know a lot of interesting architectural and interior design companies worldwide.
One of the companies I really would like to introduce to you today is McLaren.Excell.
Established in 2010,  McLaren.Excell is an ambitious and energetic design-led, London based architecture practice, co-directed by Luke McLaren and Robert Excell.
Working primarily on private residential and commercial projects, both architects are driven by their genuine passion for good design.
They strive to deliver well-crafted and conceptually clear buildings and interiors.
Every project of McLaren.Excell is unique. The architects create a distinctive aesthetic that is contemporary in its proportions and detail while drawing on a language of craftsmanship and understanding of materials.

One of the remarkable McLaren.Excell projects is the conversion of a barn in Oxfordshire into a unique and comfortable living home.
The building is taken back to the bare elements of the barn’s agricultural origins.
The architects opted for a limited palette of sober materials to ensure a sense of consistency and calm throughout the building : white-oiled oak, Bath limestone, Italian basalt and natural fibre floor coverings.
McLaren.Excell image 3Image source McLaren.Excell
The fire place and chimney have been conceived as one huge sculpted object.
Site photoMcLaren.Excell image 1Image source McLaren.Excell

McLaren.Excell image 6Image source McLaren.Excell
The architects created a series of light, open spaces.
McLaren.Excell image 7Image source McLaren.Excell
Solid oak columns and beams.
Site photoMcLaren.Excell image 8Image source McLaren.Excell

McLaren.Excell image 4Image source McLaren.Excell
The staircase weighs one tonne and is completely fabricated from black steel.
Site photoMcLaren.Excell image 2Image source McLaren.Excell

McLaren.Excell image 5

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Industrial Chic...

I love coming across brilliant lofts that tells the story of the owner.  Joan McNamera is brilliant when it comes to mixing neutral tones with hints of industrial and chic elements.  These are the perfect combinations when added to that perfect vintage find.